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We back individuals, projects, and startups working on high-impact initiatives, using the principles of effective altruism to maximize our impact

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Any person, project, or startup can apply for a grant. All grants are unconditional and equity free. Grants can be private, anonymously listed on our site, or publicly listed on our site for external donors to evaluate. Preference is given to members of the effective altruism community.

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A grant evaluator can recommend grants from our central fund. A grant evaluator can also give grants from their personal funds, in effect acting as both an evaluator and a donor. Donations to our central fund can be optionally earmarked for specific grant evaluators to give out.

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Our grants can range from $10–$100,000+. Click the button below to contribute to our general fund which is sponsored by Antigravity Investments. Our general fund is more flexible for us but not tax deductible. Contact us to make a tax deductible donation from your country.

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Our Team

Grantmakers review grant applications on our webstite, and can also reach out to grants to see if they need funding. We recommend filling out our online application to maximize the chance of receiving funding. If you feel a specific individual is a great fit to provide feedback or evaluate a project, the contact information for certain team members is listed below. Please do not attempt to contact many partners at once in an attempt to receive special attention—our team’s time is valuable, and we prefer evaluating grant requests using our streamlined online application process.

Brendon Wong


Brendon focuses on growth and strategy at He has launched and lead multiple social enterprises and is an SEC-registered investment advisor.

Benjamin Pence


Benjamin focuses on grantmaking and operations at He is an experienced software engineer and has evaluated and funded early-stage social impact grants.

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Venture Partner

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Venture Partner

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This form is best for general inquiries. To apply for funding or to be a part of, please use the links provided on our website instead of this form.